Skruf Fresh Mint ULTRA#55. The next strongest nicotine snus in the Fresh Family

Great taste in many strengths. The Skruf Super White Fresh collection has five different nicotine strengths. #52,#53,#54,#55 & #66. The Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Strong #5 is a strong tobacco-free nicotine pouch with an icy taste of mint. A great fresh flavour with that extra punch. Skruf Slim collection is discrete, less runny and holds the flavor longer than many competitors.


Skruf Super White Cassice pouches with a taste of black currants and a faint hint of mint.

Disclaimer: Snusifer was born out of the lack of a truly dedicated white snus shop. A place where customers could conveniently browse through a broad product catalogue from the premium Swedish makers of nicotine pouches.

We believe white snus nicotine pouches to be the smoke-free future choice of a healthier world, offering a tasty, stylish and invigorating energy boost. All the while making tobacco-stained teeth and disturbing cigarette smoke a thing of the past.

Skruf Super White Slim Fresh #5 provides the ultimate strong experience for nicotine users who want an extra kick. Have you ever tried a combination of refreshing peppermint with icy undertones and a sweet after-taste together with incredibly strong nicotine levels before? With this super white product from Skruf you receive all the above and more, for these chilly strings are also long-lasting.

The slim, all-white nicotine pouches that reside in a can of Skruf Super White are comfy and efficient. A combination that also makes this a product you’ll want to come back to. The nicotine strength that kicks around 26 mg/g will release instantaneously but will also last a long time thanks to the unique qualities of the pouch material. To make matters even better, each slim bag will provide you with the ultimate comfort-level all while you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride, oh - and a fresh breath.